Writers in their cups…

Is there anything better than combining coffee with some favorite authors? Literary Coffee is an awesome Literary party of some greats like Jane Austen and Shakespeare, and what it looks like, were they defined simply by a coffee cup.

I found this wonderful artwork a few years ago called Literary Coffee. Today I ran across it again and thought I would share it with you. Diving a bit deeper, I found the man behind this piece of art is Gianluca Biscalchin. A gastronomy illustrator and journalist who ” creates microcosms of cities, countries, ingredients, chefs with a style that layers irony and culture – and a signature, joyful “Biscalchin” stroke.”

Gianluca wasn’t always an illustrator. He started as a chef and journalist, but then, later in life, began sketching and decide to draw his food rather than prepare it for others. He’s gone on to some fame in Italy and has created some wonderful work.

Find out more about GianLuca here.

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