Ciao! I’m Nicole Sharp, a coffee loving fiction writer. I am enamored of a great cup of coffee. I have on occasion reviewed several coffee shops for the magazines I was writing; I enjoyed it so much I thought, why not start a space dedicated to my love of the roasted bean.

My biggest passion when it comes to coffee is the Italian Cappuccino. That’s what I hold my standards to when I talk about cappuccinos. It’s also what I prefer to drink, Always a Cappuccino.

I live in Boise, but I’m lucky enough to have travels that take me to Rome, Florence and California. I thought it would be fun to talk about the coffee shops and cafe’s I visit. The pros and cons, the atmosphere, menu, and anything else that catches my fancy.

The places I choose are usually on a whim, no one pays me for any reviews. I do it all for myself, for my friends, and in an effort to find a great cappuccino.

This also isn’t the only thing I write. If you like my writing style and want more, check out my every day meandering at Nicolesharpwrites.com.

I’m glad you found me!