Welcome to Always A Cappuccino. A pretty good place to talk about coffee.

I am a fiction writing lover of coffee. I swig the stuff like a sailor does whisky.  I take pictures of a perfect cappuccino when it sits before me, snuggled in its saucer with an accompanying spoon. The perfect cappuccino makes my day. A cappuccino is my coffee drink of choice. Hence, Always A Cappuccino.

Most of the pictures people have taken of me while I’m writing has one item in common and that is a coffee cup within reach. Creativity runs on caffeine after all.

Most of the freelance writing I’ve done in the past few years has been about coffee. Be it a specific coffee shop or the beverage itself. When friends travel, especially to Italy, I’ve found myself giving them a list of places “they must try.”

So, I thought to myself, “self, wouldn’t it be fun to have a little place dedicated to coffee? The cafes I love. The drinks I’ve tried.” My self thought Yes please!

Here you will find the Coffee Chronicles Blog, the weekly post about my coffee adventures.

How To Coffee is where I’ll endeavor to answer those pesky coffee questions you didn’t know you wanted answered.

Cafes Close to Home are those places outside of Italy. A large number from Boise, Idaho – my corner of the world – and Southern California.

Italian Cafes are reviews of those lovely places in Italy where I learned about coffee and fell in love with the cappuccino. 

Have fun my friends, as you navigate the coffee chronicles!